3 Ways to Purify Your Skin This Spring

by Paul on April 7, 2014

Springtime is a very popular time to start a detox regimen, for your skin and your whole body, inside and out. Why is that? For more than one reason, actually. First of all, a lot of toxins accumulate during winter due to the heavier diet lacking in fresh produce, and due to the diminished exercise and harsher weather conditions. When spring comes, these unfavorable winter-time influences start being really visible on one’s skin (making it very oily, for example), thus making the need to do something about it all the more dire.

girlwithlilySecond of all, when the warmer weather is on the horizon, people prepare to wear more revealing clothes. If certain areas of your body or your extra few pounds were easier to hide under the thicker winter clothes, now that’s no longer an option. When you have your beach body to think of, the drive to detox is suddenly intense.

The third reason for this is the fact that it’s easier to sustain some detoxing measures in spring, at least when it comes to your food options, because a huge variety of local-grown fruits and vegetables becomes available.  Considering all these reasons, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of this wonderful new beginning to detox your skin and body and maybe create some healthier skin care resolutions for the remaining year.

Try These 3 Ways to Purify Your Skin This Spring

1. Improve your diet and include more greens and fresh produce in it. Animal ingredients are equally important to good health and beautiful skin, but you’ve probably had plenty of those during winter. Don’t go completely vegetarian now as that sudden change may cause imbalance, but make a priority out of including more greens in your diet and all the great stuff spring has to offer. If you feel motivated enough, maybe try a full detox cure for three days, but beware because it’s pretty harsh. Make yourself smoothies and juices using nothing but citrus fruits, fresh ginger and perhaps some water to dilute. Don’t add sugar or any kind of sweetener or you’ll cancel the detox effect. Don’t eat anything and drink these juices for three days and your skin will clear up wonderfully. Afterwards, return to solid foods, but keep in mind the guideline about using more fresh produce, it would be a shame to lose the effect you strived for during those harsh three days.

2. The fresh goodies that you can include in your diet can be used to take care of your skin externally too. Plant-based skin care can work wonders to purify your skin and there are a few very efficient home-made recipes that you can use. Besides the ideas you’ll find if you follow the link, keep in mind that citrus juices work wonderfully when used externally as well, after you wash your skin. Mix a bit of citrus juice of any kind with some water in half-and-half proportions and apply this mixture on your face and neck. Let it work its magic for 10 minutes, then rinse and proceed with your normal skin care. Your skin will clear up wonderfully in about a week.

3. Another thing to keep in mind is that the eventual result you may obtain will diminish quickly in the absence of a sustained routine. Regularity is the so called golden rule of all skin care: think of your skin as you would think of a living being. You must nourish it regularly to keep it healthy, and restorative measures are less effective than preventive ones. Good luck with it and if you give our tips a try, you’ll find that a purer skin is easier to obtain than you think.

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