Adulthood Acne and 3 Natural Remedies to Remove It

by Paul on February 14, 2014

Acne may be a puberty nightmare nobody is completely free of during those adolescent years, but in the case of some people, this troubling condition affects even the adulthood years. Some women relieve the horror days of acne, blemishes, dark spots, zits and acne marks during their pregnancy, while others never seem to actually remove it during their life. Of course, the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry developed quite a large variety of solutions to prevent acne, treat and repair the skin marks, clean the face and cure the problem, but more and more, nowadays, we witness a return to nature and ancestral bio remedies.

adulthood acne natural remedies to remove itIf you are a Reddit user, you probably have heard about the girl who, sick and tired of spending her college and soon – to – be – adult years as an acne victim, feeling awful about herself and being the constant “freak” among her peers, finally tried raw honey as an old – time, infallible natural remedy. After trying antibiotic creams and giving a headache even to her dermatologist, this Redditor decided it would be raw honey to help her fight the problem. To everybody’s surprise, in just four months, her documented evolution captured in photos showed impressive progress, as the acne seemed to wash away and the skin marks to repair by themselves. In ancient times, our predecessors knew honey has antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-allergic and antioxidant properties, a rich content of vitamins (B2, B3, and B5) and is used even in treating wounds or ulcerations. But besides honey, there are plenty of other adulthood acne natural remedies to remove it and we will focus on 3 other products you can buy from the market to give yourself a royal face treatment and acne cure in the comfort of your home.

1. Tea Tree Oil and Lemon

We have talked about tea tree as a skin herbal remedy known for its spectacular healing effects on the face and neck skin, not to mention that it is an ingredient in TagAway, one of the most effective home remedies for skin tags, but today we will focus on a home – made blend of tea tree oil and lemon (a few drops of oil and a tea spoon of fresh lemon juice) as a home – made remedy to clean the face and close those pores. It is a great skin toner, as the oil prevents the sebum to accumulate in excess quantities, while the rich Vitamin C astringent lemon juice cleans and boosts the skin. This lotion can be applied on the face with a cotton disk or pulverized on the face and neck, followed by a gentle massage.

2. Apple vinegar or apple cider vinegar

It may sting and burn for a while, as acetic acid is indeed a bit harsh, but women using either of them in combination with water found that their skin PH was indeed brought to a healthy balance. It cleans the pores and removes the extra sebum, freshens up the skin, lifts it and refreshes it. It is not recommended to be applied on wounds, lacerations, ulcerations or heavily affected skin portions without the advise of a dermatologist.

3. Strawberries

Many spring and forest fruits have incredible results for the skin, but strawberries, due to their vitamin composition and those seeds you don’t like all the time make a terrific skin scrub, mask, acne – prevention method and treatment if used properly. In combination with honey and other fruits, strawberries proved their legendary worth as reliable adulthood acne natural remedies to remove it. If you like strawberries and don’t present any allergenic reactions to them, you can also use them to clean your teeth, by rubbing a ripe pasteurized strawberry with your brush against your teeth once a week.

Other adulthood acne natural remedies to remove it list also rice to be mixed in a cleansing or exfoliating home made product and cranberries – based masks (together with grapes, honey and other essential oils) to get rid of blemish, zits and the terrifying acne.

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