Are Skin Tags During Pregnancy Common?

by justinne on January 28, 2013

skintags-pregnancyWhen you get pregnant, your body undergoes a wide range of physical changes that can be tough to deal with. Things like irregular body functions, physical discomfort, moodiness and a lot of other ailments can rear their ugly heads. While these are some of the more commonly-known problems that arise with a pregnancy, there are a lot of lesser-known issues that also crop up when you get pregnant.

Among these issues is the development of what’s known as “skin tags” around certain areas of a person’s body. While it’s not guaranteed that you will get skin tags during your pregnancy, the truth is that pregnant women are more prone to developing this unsightly skin issue than others.

What is a Skin Tag?

skin tag is a small flap of skin that develops in certain areas of the body for a number of reasons. For the most part, these tags develop on parts of the body where skin regularly rubs together. As the skin rubs against itself, it can create small sores that your body will then start to heal.

The tags themselves develop thanks to a hyper-active level of growth, leading to the development of small bumps or flaps of skin. Skin tags develop in the upper-most superficial layer of skin and will generally go away months after the pregnancy comes to term. There are many potential causes being looked at for why this happens, including the uptick in folic acid that pregnant women ingest to help healthy cell growth in their developing child.

Removing Skin Tags

pregnancy-skin-tagThough skin tags are not necessarily dangerous or harmful to your health, they are deemed to be aesthetically unpleasing to many women. In many cases, women simply don’t want to wait the months necessary for the tags to disappear on their own. In these cases, women are stuck trying to find healthy ways to rid themselves of these anomalies without spending a fortune. These remedies can usually be used in the comfort of your own home, and there are many options. Many of these tag removal methods are very gentle, including natural oil treatments such as Tag Away.

Living with Skin Tags

The reality is that skin tags can be a normal part of pregnancy. Many women will go through an entire pregnancy without getting a single tag, while others will deal with them constantly. Taking the steps to prepare for and treat these tags can be simple and hassle-free.

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