How to Avoid Skin Problems with 6 Easy Tips

by Paul on October 25, 2013

avoid-skin-problemsContrary to popular belief, you don’t have to resort to sophisticated or expensive treatment to avoid skin problems. Simply follow our six simple tips below – and your skin will be thanking you for the rest of your life!

1. Make up removal matters

We know you’ve heard this one before a million times, probably since the day you first started wearing make-up. But since they say repetition is the mother of learning, we are going to say it again: there is nothing more important than make up removal in order to avoid skin problems. Going to bed with your make up on is going to cause your eyelashes to dry up and fall; your skin pores are going to get clogged and form blackheads or whiteheads; most importantly, your skin is going to age far quicker than it’s supposed to.

2. Homeopathy can do away with skin tags

If you have skin tags and have considered every traditional treatment in the book, think again. You can have skin tags removed through surgery (either classic surgery or laser surgery), or you can even go in for cryosurgery, which effectively freezes off skin tags. However, these procedures are costly, some are painful, and some can even scar your skin. Instead, homeopathy comes with a plant-based solution which will definitely not hurt, and which is also very affordable. Before going under the knife, we recommend you give Tag Away a try.

3. Oil-based cosmetics are bad for you

Just like any other substance that stands to clog the pores of your skin, oily foundation, blush, and any other type of cosmetics should be avoided. It’s easy to tell which of the products you use are oil-based and which ones are mineral-based, since, while the former usually come in the shape of cream or lotion, the latter, which can help you avoid skin problems, are powdered.

4. Avoid skin problems with good hair care

It’s a bit of a stretch to consider hair care as essential to one’s skin care, but the truth is there is a link there, especially for people who wear their hair long. Oil-based hair products, such as pomade or cream, can inadvertently come into contact with the skin on one’s face and cause skin problems. That’s why it’s best to shampoo daily, if you’ve got oily hair, and also to keep the hair off your face. Hair naturally contains oils, which help protect it against breakage and other factors in our environment, but those oils can lead to the apparition of skin issues.

5. Careful with tanning

Everybody knows that tanning is an activity best enjoyed with moderation and only with the protection of sunscreen. The truth is that UV rays cause a lot of damage and not much good. Some have surmised that UV exposure can help you avoid skin problems such as acne. In actuality, UV rays will only cause wrinkles and even melanoma, in the long-run. To boot, if you’re on some form of acne treatment, it might just contain retinoids. These substances make your skin even more susceptible to being damaged by UV rays from the sun, so avoid tanning or sunbathing altogether – better safe than sorry.

6. Hands off!

Yes, you heard us right. If you’ve got skin issues, such as an irritation, an eczema, any form of breakout, or acne, you’d be best advised to keep your hands of your face. First off, picking at your pimples will only cause the problem to get worse. Secondly, although there is no direct connection between dirt and pimples (dirt doesn’t cause clogged pores), your hands do come into contact with all sorts of germs and oily substances which can make a pre-existent issue worse and even cause the apparition of new ones.

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