Awkward Skin Issues Solved: 3 FAQs

by Paul on October 7, 2013

The skin is a sensitive organ and it certainly doesn’t help that it’s the largest one of the human body. It plays a major part in various vital bodily functions, such as respiration and circulation, but it is also part of the interface through which humans interact with their surroundings. As such, it is prone to a wide range of awkward skin issues, the majority of which most women are all too well acquainted with. Most of them are matters of beauty, cosmetics, and, ultimately of self-confidence, but the fact is that they all stem from medical causes. However, worry not – the mention of the word ‘medical’ means that there also exist medical solutions to all the issues mentioned below.

  • Help! I’ve developed awkward skin issues post-depilation in the bikini area!

awkward-skin-issues01To some women it only happens when shaving, while others experience the apparition of subcutaneous bumps irrespective of the depilation method they use (waxing, sugaring, using the electrical epilator, etc.). What happens is that the hairs split and spiral underneath the first layer of skin. Then, as they grow, they try to break through the surface and, in tow, cause the apparition of inflamed bumps. It is popularly believed that using a loofa to cause the skin to break (and the hairs to come loose) will help solve the problem. This, however, is a misconception. Dermatology experts recommend applying an over-the-counter topical solution which contains aspirin for twice a day, each day for a week, on the affected area. The result will be a gentle exfoliation, which will allow the hairs to break loose and the bumps to disappear by themselves. Alternatively, you can also try cortisone injections for major rashes.

  • Can I get rid of skin tags?

awkward-skin-issues02There are many ways in which achrochordons, or skin tags, can be removed. It’s important to note that skin tags, one of the most often encountered awkward skin issues, are essentially small flaps of skin attached to the body via a stalk. They do not pose any health risks to the sufferer. However, they can affect one’s self-esteem, since they are esthetically displeasing – those affected have reported being too self-conscious to expose their body in a bathing suit, for instance. In order to get rid of them, you can either try surgical methods, such as laser, electricity, or even cryosurgery (i.e. having them frozen off). However, these options are painful, expensive, and liable to cause secondary effects or leaving scars. Homeopathic remedies like Tag Away, though more time-consuming, are also available. They come with no additional health risks, as well as with the added reassurance of leaving no marks behind.

  • What is the best way to get rid of athlete’s foot?

awkward-skin-issues03The answer to the above question resides in the very nature of the problem. Athlete’s foot is also referred to as toenail fungus. It is a condition that affects toenails and is usually picked up in shared showers. It causes the toenail to deteriorate in aspect and usually prevents the sufferer from exposing their toes out of embarrassment, often being cited as one of the most awkward skin issues. The most efficient way to deal with fungus, is, of course, an antifungal treatment. Pharmacists will usually prescribe pills like Lamisil or Sporanox to deal with athlete’s foot, but they only work in 70-80 per cent of cases. To boot, it will also take the toenail up to 18 months to completely restore its previous aspect. As such, prevention is the only truly efficient cure against toenail fungus. As they say, better safe than sorry, right? The best way to make sure you don’t get athlete’s foot is to avoid direct contact with shared showers – wear slippers at the gym or the pool shower and never allow anyone else to borrow your shoes or sandals.

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