5 Clear and Healthy Skin Remedies to Try Out

by Paul on October 18, 2013

clean-and-healthy-skin-remediesSkin issues – no one in recorded history is lucky enough not to have suffered from them. Of course, they range in seriousness from the occasional pimple and blemish to a full-on breakout, to afflictions that might be indicative of a more dramatic problem, such as melanoma. They also have the nasty habit of showing up in places on your body you would like to keep appealing: on one’s face, chest, neck, and shoulders. That’s because the skin in those areas has the highest number of oil-producing glands. And while such pesky problems cannot be prevented altogether, there are definitely a lot of clear and health skin remedies out there that you can try out. Some of them you may have heard of before, while others might just take you by surprise. Read on to find out what are your best bets at keeping your skin looking radiant and clean.

Don’t overdo the face washing

Most people would be tempted to believe that the foundation of all clean and healthy skin remedies is keeping your skin clean with as many face washes as possible. However, this is not entirely true. Contrary to popular belief, pimples and other types of blemishes have nothing to do with dirt. On the other hand, washing your skin too often can worsen outbreaks or irritate your face, because of the chemicals contained in your lotions and/or soaps. Avoid soap altogether if your skin is prone to dryness and simply use a cleanser every day, if you tend to develop acne frequently.

All food is all right…

… save for the situation in which you are allergic. If you do notice that eating a certain food or type of food causes your skin to break out, then avoid it and try to eliminate it from your diet as much as possible. However, don’t buy into the myth that certain foods such as pizza or chocolate will instantly give you acne. The grain of truth contained in this myth is that some foods will cause your hormones to act up and produce excess oil on your skin. But, no, this does not automatically mean you have to give up chocolate for good.

Homeopathic clear and healthy skin remedies against tags

Skin tags tend to develop as one ages or gains weight, since they are formed when two surfaces of skin rub together. However, they can also appear as a result of hormonal changes, such as the ones experienced during pregnancy. While they are not necessarily a serious condition, they can definitely cause quite a lot of nuisance – not to mention that most allopathic solutions are painful, expensive, and can even leave behind marks and scars. Luckily, our list of clear and healthy skin remedies includes homeopathic topical formulas, which only require some time and patience to work. Tag Away is one such remedy and it only contains substances extracted out of plants, such as the Thuja Occidentalis tree, whose effectiveness has been scientifically proven.

Nothing beats aspirin

You may or may not know this already, but good old aspirin is the best remedy against acne and numerous other skin issues. Not the pill per se, but its active substance, which is also known under the name of salicylic acid. There are plenty of great face cleansers out there based on this product which you can try out. An alternative to salicylic acid, which works just as well, is benzoyl peroxide.

Avoid oil-based cleansing products

Another one of those surprising clean and healthy skin remedies is actually a tip: steer clear of oil-based cleansing products, as they can cause pore clogging. In time, clogged pores will develop into pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads. As per the recommendations of most dermatologists, your best bet is to opt for oil-free, or nonacnegenic/noncomedogenic products. Apply these with your fingertips, since sponges and cloths might turn out to be too harsh on your skin and cause further irritation.

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