Good Skin Care for Diabetics Can Make a Difference

by Paul on November 18, 2013

good-skin care-for-diabetics2Diabetes is a serious condition, yet, with the proper care and lifestyle changes, it’s one with which the sufferer can survive just fine, well into their old age. Aside from controlling insulin and glucose (blood sugar) levels, what all diabetics could use is the proper kind of skincare, adapted to the specific needs created by their condition. Diabetics are prone to an entire range of very particular skin issues, which we discuss below, just like we’ve previously addressed the link between diabetes and skin tags. Read on, to understand what good skin care for diabetics entails, as well as the positive changes in a sufferer’s life it can determine.

5 good skin care tips for diabetics

  • Take care of your dry skin. While not all diabetics are faced with this issue, it’s true that most diabetics have the dry skin type, because of the high levels of glucose the illness causes in their blood.
  • Avoid making your skin even drier. If you have dry skin, one of the top good skin care tips for diabetics that you need to act on is avoiding circumstances that will further dehydrate your skin. This means you need to avoid very hot water, bubble bath solutions, as well as dry air. Take mildly warm showers or baths and make sure to use moisturizing products, such as lotions, or even heavier creams.
  • Diabetics are more susceptible to bacteria. Since their immune levels are lower, bacteria can cause some serious skin issues and conditions. Make sure your skin is dry and clean at all times, feel free to use baby powder in areas where skin rubs against skin, and make sure you’re not excessively rubbing or scratching the itchy spots on your body.
  • Take good care of the skin on your feet. As plenty of good skin care for diabetics articles advise, the skin on your feet (and the one between your toes in particular) needs to be kept dry, as to prevent the action of bacteria. Make sure your feet stay safe from harm by treating sores, cuts, or any other open wounds that may crop up.
  • Don’t use abrasive skin products. Avoid soaps, cleansers, and lotions that are meant to treat oily skin. Your skin is likely too dry as it is, and such products will only stand to aggravate the situation. If you do use a cleansing lotion, make sure to opt for a milder, instead of a harsher one, and immediately apply nourishing cream.

Common skin issues that diabetics facegood-skin care-for-diabetics1

–          Skin tags

While there is no clear-cut agreement on this issue, there is some research pertaining to the fact that people with insulin regulation issues are also more prone to developing skin tags. Since skin tags have also been associated with dry skin, the link between them and Type 2 diabetes can be surmised with a relative degree of certainty. If you do have skin tags and want to remove them without undergoing an invasive, potentially risky, and/or expensive surgical procedure, we advise you to opt for a formula based on essential natural oils like Tag Away.

–          Bacterial infection

If you notice redness, bumps, or swelling on your skin, it’s likely that you’ve contracted boils, styles, folliculitis, carbuncles, or other types of bacterial infections. Good skincare for diabetics places a great deal of emphasis on keeping the skin clear from bacteria.

–          Fungal infections

Most of the time, fungal infections in diabetics are caused by a stalk of the fungus Candida and occur in the toe area. If you notice blisters or scaly skin on your feet, around your nails, or under the breast, you need to consult with a medical professional promptly.

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