5 Useful Tips for Building a Healthy Skin Care Regimen

by Paul on January 13, 2014

In an ideal world, we would all have just enough time to carefully build and then implement a healthy skin regimen – but what happens when we don’t? Well, for one thing, we’re just like most everybody else. For another, though, there are plenty of helpful tips and tricks out there that can significantly improve the way our skin looks and feels. Check out our advice below, to help improve the condition of your skin and delay the aging process. Hint: you don’t need any special or expensive products to create a healthful skincare routine.

healthy-skin-care-regimen#1 Avoid the sun

Now, if you love sunbathing or simply basking in the warm glow of the autumn sun, we’re not saying you should steer completely clear of it. However, if you do choose to go out into the sun, especially under the scorching rays of summer, it pays to know how to do it right. Avoiding prolonged direct exposure to sunlight can shave years of your skin, help you ward off wrinkles and sun spots and, most importantly, increase your odds at not developing skin cancer. For starters, remember it’s important to wear sunscreen, irrespective of the season – but especially if you’re at the beach in summer. Reapply SPF lotion every two hours if you’re out in the sun and have been sweating or if you go for a swim. Wear clothes that will protect you from the sun and sport a hat; in case you didn’t know, you can buy laundry additives that work just like SPF, only for textile fabrics.

#2 Never smoke

Aside from the other health hazards it entails, smoking is incredibly damaging for the skin. That’s because it neutralizes the microscopic blood vessels in your epidermis and doesn’t allow the blood to flow properly through it. The harmful substances contained in cigarette smoke also deplete your skin of collagen and elastin, two fibers that can help keep your skin looking young and fresh for a longer time. Not to mention that smoking encourages expression lines on your face!

#3 Don’t dry out your own skin!

Dry skin comes with a lot of issues, including skin tags, but also sores, rashes, and cracks that can even end up bleeding. In order to avoid making your skin even drier than it may already be, make sure you don’t spend too much time in the shower or the tub. Use warm water, not hot one, and choose cleansers over soaps. Always use lotion or shaving cream when shaving, pat your skin dry after bathing (don’t rub it sore!) and choose a good moisturizer for the skin on your whole body.

#4 A healthy skin care regimen starts with your diethealthy-skin-care-regimen02

Some foods are better for your skin than others and while dermatologists say more research is needed on this topic, by and large it’s best to avoid foods that are excessive in fat. Choose fresh foods like fruit and veg, whole grains, lean proteins, and plenty of vitamin C. Try to steer clear of any foodstuff that’s been excessively processed, since it may harm your skin without you even realizing it.

#5 Relax

There is a strong link between several skin conditions, including acne, and stress. In a way, the skin on your face is a barometer of how stressed out you are, so if you find you’re experiencing breakouts, or simply that your skin is dull and grey, take time out of your schedule for yourself. Relax, engage in activities you enjoy, and do anything you feel you can do to keep stress under control. You can’t even begin to understand how much your own skin will thank you!

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