How Big is the Tag Away Bottle Size?

by justinne on January 26, 2013

Removing unsightly and annoying skin tags does not require a visit to the doctor. Tag Away can provide the same benefits for a fraction of the cost at home, but it is important to understand the product before making a purchase. The size of the bottle and usage requirements are a key part of determining if it is appropriate for personal skin care needs.

tag-away-bottleRegular Bottle Size

The regular bottles are the original Tag Away bottles that were first advertised after the product was developed. In many cases, the bottles are sold in sets of two rather than a single bottle at a time.

The original bottle size for Tag Away is 10 milliliters. That 10 ml bottle contains 60 applications when the product is used appropriately and as directed. Since the product is applied three times per day with a cotton swab, it will last for 20 days if it is used according to the directions.

A regular order for Tag Away has two of the 10 ml bottles. With the appropriate application process, it should last for 40 days if it is used every day and the skin tags take longer than three weeks to fall off. Depending on the skin tag, location and skin type, it can take between three and eight weeks before the skin tag falls off.

tag-away-sizeDeluxe Bottle Size

A deluxe order with a larger bottle size is available for those with several skin tags or who feel it might take longer than 40 days before the skin tag is removed. The deluxe order will include two bottles of Tag Away, but the size is larger than the regular order bottles.

The deluxe bottles are 15 ml, which provides enough product for 60 days if it is used appropriately and both bottles are needed. Skin tags should fall off before 60 days if Tag Away is used as directed. If it is used less often, the effects of the product are reduced. It should be applied appropriately to remove skin tags within the given time frame.

The Tag Away bottle is relatively small, but only a small amount of the product is necessary for the average skin type and skin tag. In most cases, the regular order with two bottles of 10 ml is enough to remove skin tags. Stubborn skin tags might require a longer period of time, but the company offers two size options for different types of orders.

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