How Often Should You Apply Tag Away Skin Tag Remover?

by justinne on January 25, 2013

Taking measures to remove skin tags can help improve confidence in the appearance of skin. The problem that many face when trying to remove skin tags is determining the appropriate use of Tag Away and the number of applications throughout the day. Although it can seem complicated, it is actually easy to remove skin tags with Tag Away when it is used appropriately.

tag-away-bottlesRecommended Application

Tag Away application directions suggest using the product three times per day. The application method suggested is with a cotton swab to control the application and ensure the entire skin tag is covered. After applying Tag Away, it is best to let the oils dry before putting clothes or other items over the skin tag.

If the recommendation is not heeded, then it will take longer for the skin tags to fall off. Applying the oils less often will result in less effective impacts on the skin. The essential oils need regular application each day to cause the skin tags to fall off within three to eight weeks of the initial application.

tag-away-boxSide Effects of Inappropriate Usage

Since Tag Away is made with organic and natural essential oils, it has limited risks involved with the application process. In most cases, using the product less often or using large amounts of the oil when applying it to the skin will not have any major side effects.

The essential oils are safe for the skin and are not known to cause any scarring, discoloration or irritation when it is used appropriately. Using the product more often than recommended might result in some minor irritation so it is not recommended or suggested. When used properly, Tag Away will help remove skin tags within three to eight weeks.

The product does not cause pain, irritation or other complications when it is used as directed. Even when it is not used according to the recommendations, it is safe for all skin types and is not known to cause any allergies or serious complications. The product is made from natural and organic essential oils that help dry out the skin tags to reveal healthier skin.

Removing skin tags with Tag Away is a simple process. The oils are applied to the skin tag three times per day and the skin tag gradually dries out until it falls off. When it is used appropriately, the skin will look and feel healthier over time.

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Augusto Fernando December 30, 2013 at 3:58 pm

Your instruction say 3 times daily application of the skin tag remover and it will remove the skin tags within 3-8 weeks. Would that mean 3 weeks x 7= 21 applications and so with 8 weeks applying the same formula.for the removal of the tags


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