How to Remove Skin Tags Quickly?

by justinne on February 5, 2013

Skin tags have become an irritating problem for different people like you and I. Many men and women dread the unsightly prospect of these benign tumors that rear themselves in the form of protruding skin. As per expectations, you would do all it takes to rid yourself of this skin problem. Some people who have been lucky enough have opted for surgical procedures albeit this is a financially involving step.

Still, other people have opted to eradicate this skin condition by themselves. This is safe considering the harmless nature of skin tags. Alternatively, you could have enlisted the help of a dermatologist in employing the use of a painless anti-skin tag product—Tag Away is a perfect example of such a product. Nonetheless, the campaign against skin tags can become successful with the right knowledge of how to eradicate it completely. The following are additional ways of expediting the removal of skin tags.

Using tea tree oil

tea-tree-oilIf you fancy a home-based remedy, tea tree oil is most likely to do the trick. This oil, derived from Melaleuca Alternifolia, has all the requisite ingredients to treat a multitude of skin infections. Using tea tree oil to treat remove skin tags is simple. The first step entails washing the area affected by the skin tag with soap and water. Thereafter, it is left to dry before applying tea tree oil using a cotton cloth. Preferably, three drops should be the maximum amount applicable to the affected area.

Using strings or dental floss

flossYou can also part ways with skin tags by using strong threads or dental floss. This method helps to deny the skin tag of sufficient blood supply by tying its base with the dental floss or thread. By cutting off the blood supply, there are high chances that the skin tag will wither away after a day.

Use of castor oil

castor oilCastor oil is another natural remedy that could be helpful in bidding farewell to skin tags. It is often used in combination with baking soda. In this regard, you should mix it to a paste and apply it to the affected area for maximum results.

Use of vitamin E capsules

vitamin-e-capsulesAnother way of ridding yourself of skin tags is through Vitamin E capsules. These capsules should be cut open to extract the oil inside. With the help of a band-aid strip, you must apply the oil to the affected area. The strip cuts off blood supply to the skin tag while the vitamin E oil nourishes your skin.

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