4 Natural Remedies for a Spring Detox Diet Inside and Out

by Paul on February 7, 2014

Spring is knocking on our doors and we are more than happy to welcome it. But taking a look back to the past autumn and winter holidays, the feasts we indulged in, the cold that bothered us greatly, the lack of healthy light and the tendency towards being sedentary, they all leaved visible traces inside our bodies and outside our skin. Maybe we gained a few pounds, maybe we don’t feel too energetic and lively, maybe we look a bit pale and some wrinkles or dark circles are ruining our moods. Winter leaves marks both inside and out and this is why we are thankful to spring, as it brings all glorious vegetables, herbs and fruits to help us detox and feel and look great. Not only our metabolism or our internal organs need a spring boost, but also our skin needs a daily care regimen. Today we will take a look over four natural remedies for a spring detox diet inside and out which cleanse and rinse our organism and our skin.

1. Bee bread and honey products

Bees may buzz dangerously around your ears, but their products are nature’s gifts to our health. Bee bread is rich in selenium and helps your body detox and also getting stronger to fight disease, alimentary additives and everything else we’re ingesting together with food and even pollution. Honey based natural products and bee bread reduce post – winter anemia and help the liver repair itself, preventing hepatitis. On the outside, home – made skin masks with added honey treat, calm and nurture the skin, giving it its natural firmness and boost.

2. Aloe Vera

There are tomes and volumes written related to the positive effects of Aloe Vera for the entire system, not only for the internal organs or skin, but doctors warn people to use the Aloe Vera either as natural as it can be found or in verified and certified products. Among the natural remedies for a spring detox diet inside and out, Aloe Vera is perhaps the most complete and recommended. It has beneficial effects on the general metabolism, it stimulates liver functions and digestion and improves bile and kidney functions. On the outside, there are few cosmetic brands to no use Aloe Vera in their end – products, but if you can get your hands on some raw, natural plant, it would be for the best.

3. Green Tea

Natural Remedies for a Spring Detox Diet Inside and OutThis natural remedy is known from the dawn of time for its beneficial effects inside and outside our bodies. It is a powerful anti-oxidant, fighting free radicals in our bodies and keeping us safe from disease. Many women prefer it for detox diets and losing weight diets, as it has purgative functions, while green – tea based face treatments are easy to employ and effective. It is preferable to use green tea leaves which come natural, not chopped and stuffed in tea bags, but if you don’t find any, tea bags are doing a great job. Placed under the eyes they reduce dark circled and eye bags, while washing the face (and even the hair) with green tea lifts, boosts, cleans and cures the skin.

4. Ginger

We could talk about the benefits of introducing fresh ginger in your diet not only in spring, but all year long and never finish in just one article. Some people don’t like its powerful, almost striking flavor and scent, so they consume it dry or chopped as a spice in all sorts of dishes. Ginger tea is also beneficial for a spring detox diet inside and out, as it is an excellent tonic, energizer and with visible detoxification properties. Add lemon and even dandelion tea, mix them and embrace spring fully clean and energized. Not to mention looking bright and gorgeous.

Spring fruits, apples and berries especially, are nature’s gift to our health. An apple a day indeed keeps the doctor away, but a face mask blended from raw minced apples, with strawberries, olive oil and honey can do wonders to your face. Don’t forget about olive oil (in your body and on your skin), avocado, chamomile, mint, rosemary or laurel leaves.

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