3 Ways to Use Oranges as Skin Care Home Made Remedies

by Paul on February 10, 2014

Oranges are delicious fruits, full of Vitamin C and calcium even, tasty, refreshing and healthy, just perfect for a detox diet inside and out. While we all went through at least one cold or flu and survived it with orange juice, beauty specialists and experts seem to promote more and more natural products, ingredients and herbal remedies when it comes to skin care.

Even if orange juice is acidic and astringent, few beauty magazines won’t praise its incredible results on removing zits and those pesky black spots that give nightmares to women. Orange juice is also beneficial in fighting with wrinkles, age signs, skin exhaustion and damage, being among the best and the easy to use skin lifters and boosters. If mixed with the right ingredients and properly applied, oranges and orange juice will leave significant positive effects on your skin. Don’t forget your neck and cleavage, as they too need daily care. Let’s see 3 ways to use oranges as skin care home remedies and embrace the miraculous power of these jolly and healthy fruits.

1. Anti – wrinkle age mask

oranges as skin care home made remediesIf eaten regularly, oranges have an anti – oxidant effect, fighting with free radicals. In this anti – wrinkle, age defying home made mask, oranges play the same anti – oxidant role, stopping premature aging signs, cleaning and firming the skin for women to look forever young. A peeled orange is necessary, the slices needing to be chopped and minced thoroughly, as you will need as much fruit pulp as you can get. We talked about honey and bee bread as detox natural products, so the combination of the two sometimes works even better than many cosmetic products. Mix the orange pulp with a tea – spoon of honey and massage gently your face in circular moves for at least ten minutes, continuing with the neck and cleavage, two areas extensively exposed to aging effects. Rinse and repeat as often as you can.

2. Refreshing masks for all ages

If up to this point we talked about oranges as skin care home made remedies for mature women, this refreshing and boosting mask can be used by women of all age. Many find themselves having their faces look tired, pale, with dark circles, sometimes presenting skin tags, spots and so on. You can cover up the mess with cosmetics, but if you are constantly fighting against the exhaustion, dehydration, sun rays over – exposure your face shows on a daily basis, learn the routine to use a refreshing and purifying face mask made out of orange juice, yoghurt and a spoon of honey. Blend them until you get a cream you can spread all over your previously washed face. Rinse with warm water after 15 minutes and repeat as often as you can.

3. Orange juice for zits and black spots

Even if women manage to deal with puberty and get rid of all those pesky signs, this doesn’t mean they are all safe from pores getting clumped and all sorts of zits and black spots accumulating and popping out whenever you need them less. In order to clean your pores, degrease your face and nurture it with natural vitamins and ingredients, you can choose a simple face mask by combining baking soda with orange juice, for exfoliation, cleansing and skin lifting effects. Mix the two so you get a cream for your face (avoid the eye area), leave it to action for ten minutes, then massage to exfoliate and the nutrients to penetrate the skin. Rinse and repeat regularly.

Orange juice, freshly squeezed, is not just the favorite summer drink for many people around the globe. It is also used in care treatments for nails, hair and body, and while some orange – based cosmetic products, including shower gels, shampoos or face and hand creams are quite popular and efficient, many women prefer oranges as skin care home remedies.

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