3 Pregnancy Skin Changes You Should Not Worry About

by Paul on September 16, 2013

pregnancy-skin-changesPregnancy is a miraculous process and sometimes a complicated one, as your body goes through a countless number of complex changes that will reflect not only on your metabolism and lifestyle, but also on your skin. There are a lot of pregnancy skin changes that make their appearance (sometimes with scary effects) into pregnant women’s’ lives, and the American Pregnancy Association explains them in an extended manner, pinpointing the possible causes and solutions at hand to resolve all these unpleasant issues. Whoever went through a pregnancy, already knows that the “pregnancy glow” can be both a state of incredible happiness and a natural reaction of the skin – which gets oily, while the Linea Nigra, as terrifying as it may look and sound is just a sign of hormonal imbalance that fades away after you gave birth. There are other skin problems, however, that can frighten an unwarned pregnant woman, as they look dangerous and hard to get rid of.

1. Skin Tags

If you suddenly find tiny skin polyps growing havoc under your arm pits, the breast line or your neck folders which look like moles, but are not moles and you just don’t know what they are and how to treat them, doctors say you should not worry about them. Your hormone – rush determines your skin to overgrow a superficial layer and it crumbles in these small, annoying tags that can also appear in those places where the skin rubs against itself or against clothing. There are on-the-spot treatments and solutions that eliminate skin tags in a jiffy, if you don’t want to wait and see if they are going to disappear by themselves a few months after you’ve given birth. Skin tags removals are widely and successfully used, but you should however consult with your doctor before trying them. There is, of course, a surgical solution, but it is considered the last resort in such cases.

2. Acne

pregnancy-skin-changes03Among pregnancy skin changes, acne seems to be more resistant and willing to make its entrance than your teenage acne you believed you got rid of some years ago. There are extensive studies on pregnancy acne, its causes and its treatment and some of the solutions proved themselves successful. Specialists from Mayo Clinic recommend women to be careful with their cosmetic products, while doctors from WebMD insist on using your personal face drying cloth and cleanser. Before getting all excited about anti-acne cosmetic products, make sure you check with your doctor first, as he might tell you if they are good or bad for your pregnancy. There are also natural remedies out there, from using lemons and aloe – vera, to prepare a home – made face mask. The phenomenon will eventually diminish its unaesthetic and negative effects and you can enjoy motherhood at its best.

3. Heat Rash

Not only babies and children get some skin ugly looking itching rashes, but also you, as a new mom. Your body is overheated and you gained on some weight, so it’s normal that your skin rubs against other portions of skin or clothes. You also have a lot of creases on your body, so don’t worry too much about the rash. It can be mildly treated with natural ingredients, as it may be not safe to use medical or cosmetic products and it usually goes away with time. It is not a skin eruption, however, so don’t treat it accordingly, but ask your doctor for the best advice.

pregnancy-skin-changes02There are also other types of pregnancy skin changes that a woman might find herself faced with, but probably the skin tags are the most frightening, as preoccupied by their health, women tend to mistake them to moles or other types of skin disease. Luckily for them, treatments are always available!

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