Skin Tags and Other Problems Caused by Dehydration

by Paul on November 11, 2013

problems-caused-by-dehydrationDehydration is a serious problem, which, as you may well be aware, has even been known to cause death. This, however, falls outside the scope of today’s post, which looks at some of the mild and moderate issues determined by an insufficient intake of water that affect the human body. It covers cosmetic and metabolic issues, which you may not be fully informed of. Here are three of the most basic problems caused by dehydration and a few tips on how to address them.

A slower metabolism is one of the problems caused by dehydration

If your stomach transit is out of whack, if your digestion doesn’t seem to be working the way it normally should, and if you’re having trouble losing weight, you might just be suffering from one of the more common problems caused by dehydration. Drinking enough water every day will help your glucose levels stay in check, thereby lowering the odds of experiencing intense hunger, cravings, and stomach pangs. What’s more, we often confuse the feeling of thirst with that of hunger – especially if our bodies have grown accustomed to not drinking enough water. Last, but certainly not least, a water-deprived metabolism will work much in the same way as a metabolism that’s not getting enough fat. It will store up on the precious little water it does receive, thereby causing water retention. Needless to say, water retention, which can even cause 10lb fluctuations on the scale, is a very pesky issue, which can cause you to feel like you’ve gained weight, even when you’re trying your best to watch what you eat.

Dehydrated skin leads to skin tags

Skin tags occur as a by-product of one of the problems caused by dehydration. An insufficient intake of liquids will soon start making your skin look dry. And when two patches of dry skin rub together for a long enough time, skin tags emerge – small excrescences, attached to the skin through a stalk. You can help do away with skin tags thanks to a homeopathic remedy like Tag Away. However, by drinking enough water on the regular, you might avoid getting them at all.

Drinking enough fluids will help you stay youngproblems-caused-by-dehydration2

No, drinking water or herbal tea is not the end-all secret of youth. However, as a recent article published by The Daily Mail shows, drinking 3 liters of water per day every day can significantly improve your looks. One woman’s story, illustrated with presumably candid pictures perfectly proves that the connection between skin turgor and an adequate intake of water is inextricable. Sarah Smith’s story begins with a worrying set of statistics, which says that one in 5 British women drink less water than they should. It then goes on to show how a 42 year-old woman managed to improve her look as well as her digestion, while also taking some ten years off her skin – all by drinking 3 liters of water per day for a month. That’s because one of the most immediately noticeable problems caused by dehydration is lower skin turgor. Skin turgor is the medical term for the skin’s elasticity – its ability to return to its initial shape after being pulled, tugged at, or pinched. The younger you are, the more elastic your skin; the more dehydrated, the less elastic it is.

Make note of the fact that the article covers problems caused by drinking a lesser amount of fluids than recommended, and not by other medical conditions and symptoms, such as excessive vomiting or diarrhea. If you are experiencing any of the above, please contact your general practitioner, or any other qualified medical professional, as soon as possible. A failure to respond as soon as possible might prove fatal to anyone experiencing severe dehydration.

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