Several Skin Tags Removal Tips

by justinne on February 3, 2013

tag-removalSkin tags are small tumors that are benign. They typically grow in areas of the skin that have creases, such as armpits, groin, or neck. Although they are not usually painful, they can be irritated by clothing or shaving. They are also something that people usually would like to have removed just because of the look of them.

Skin tags can be removed at the doctor’s office. It is typically done by freezing the skin tag, and within a week or so the tag will fall off. For those that have skin tags grow, it is common for them to come back periodically. Going to the doctor’s office every time they return is not something that many people want to do, but the good news is, there are also ways to remove them at home.

There are several natural ways to remove a skin tag, other than the use of a product like the tag away skin tag remover. The first is to use tree tea oil. The skin tag will need to be thoroughly washed with soap and water first. Once the area is dry, a cotton ball should be wet down with water then a couple of drop of tree tea oil should be added. The cotton ball should then be rubbed on the skin tag. This process should be completed a couple of times a day for a few days until the skin tag falls off.

skin-tags-on-neckAnother natural way to remove skin tags is to mix Castor oil with baking soda. When these two items are mixed together, they will form a paste. This paste can then be spread onto the skin tag. This should be repeated a couple of times a day until the skin tag falls off.

There are numerous other home remedies that can be used to remove a skin tag starting with fingernail polish. After applying fingernail polish to the skin tag three times a day for a few days, the skin tag fall off. There are clear coat nail polishes that would be best for this so it is not noticeable.

Duct tape is something that is usually used to hold things together, but in the case of a skin tag, it can be used to remove it. A small piece of duct tape, that is just big enough to cover the skin tag, should be placed on it. Once you notice that the tape is loosening up, check to see if the skin tag is falling off. If it is not, repeat until it falls off.

If you prefer to have immediate results, the skin tag can be cut off using a sharp scissors or fingernail clipper. You will want to ensure that you disinfect the scissors or clipper with alcohol first. Then just cut it off at the base.

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