Make Skin Care Easier with These 5 Shortcuts

by Paul on March 17, 2014

78430783-482x450In all honesty, there’s no such thing as skin care shortcuts, not really, just as there aren’t any general health shortcuts or miracle cures. But there are some ways to make everything you need to do easier and more organized so your skin care routine doesn’t require too much time or planning and still remains enjoyable without feeling like a chore. Here are our 5 such shortcuts. Give them a try and make your skin care easier as you go along.

1. Cleanse and Moisture Every Day.

Having this daily routine helps your skin fight better with free radicals, with all stressful external influences and damaging agents. There’s really no need to add dirt and make-up to your skin’s already full plate of stuff to fight against. If you keep it well-cleansed and apply a moisturizing cream after the cleaning and toning, you protect it better and you feed it the vital nutrients it needs to thrive and renew its cells. Do this 3-step routine (cleanse, tone, moisture) once or twice a day, according to your skin type and needs and all will be well.

2. Exfoliate and Apply A Mask Once A Week.

The daily routine outlined above is easy enough to maintain during busy week days, but once a week, during the weekend, when you have more time, do a little something extra for your skin care. Apply a gentle skin exfoliator with gentle circular motions, for 4-5 minutes, followed by a mask suited to your skin type. That will be a treat and a general reset button that will keep your skin going throughout the next week to come.

3. Take Care Of Your Skin While You Sleep.

Sleep is good for you and for your skin; the coined phrase “beauty sleep” is quite clear about it. But while you’re getting the much required rest, you can boost the positive effects it has on your skin with a few simple tricks. First of all, don’t skip the moisturizing cream; it will help with the regeneration (ok, maybe that went without saying considering Shortcut No 1). Second of all, invest in a satin pillow case – the smoothness of the fabric will soften your skin while you sleep. Traditional pillow cases made of cotton or even rougher fabrics tend to age the skin during sleep because of the friction. With satin, the problem is not only solved, but it can actually help with de-stressing you skin and smoothing out previously formed fine lines. Clever, huh?

4. Exercise.

We all know that exercising is good for you and implicitly also good for your skin. But even a small amount of intense training like cardio – even if it’s just a bit of running or paced-up stair-climbing, basically anything that will make you pant a little and that gets your heart rate up – also comes with extra benefits for your skin. Such exercises activate better circulation and thus the skin gets more oxygen, nutrients and that healthy rosy glow. No artificial blush needed any more after you integrate a little cardio into your life.

5. Make Sun Screen Your Biggest Priority

If you won’t waste your time or money with any extra fancy skin care products beyond the basics listed above (like anti-aging serums and the like), don’t skip the solar protection, though. It is the one thing that all professionals agree on: sun screen is not optional. It protects skin not only from premature aging or dryness or unwanted tanning, but also from life-threatening conditions such as melanoma. So please take it seriously. All that being said, we hope you’ll put our 5 skin care shortcuts to good use and that having prettier skin will from now on be at least a tad easier.

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