3 Incredible Skin Herbal Remedies

by Paul on January 10, 2014

skin-herbal-remediesThere are enough hoaxes and quacks out there for the public to question the legitimate nature of skin herbal remedies. If you want to know what science has got to say about them, read today’s post, in which we discuss three of the most commonly used such substances.

What skin herbal remedies actually work?

Tea tree oil

If you’ve read our blog before, you probably already know that tea tree oil is the active ingredient in Tag Away, perhaps the best natural remedy for treating skin tags. Unlike surgical removal methods against skin tags, Tag Away is largely safe for the human skin and will leave no scarring. It’s also painless and has no significant associated risk of usage, save for the possibility of mild skin irritations, for users who suffer from various allergies. As far as skin herbal remedies go, few are more versatile and/or effective than Thuja Occidentalis, or tea tree, which can also be used against acne. Forget all about those over the counter skin lotions and facial washes that promise to rid you of acne in next to no time. They might seem affordable, but there’s probably no better, safer, and less expensive way to get rid of zits and pimples than 100 per cent pure tea tree oil. It’s also ridiculously easy to use: simply apply the tea tree oil directly to the affected area with a cotton swab. Repeat the operation every few hours, and then make sure to use a topical vitamin E formula about an hour before you go to sleep.

Lemon juice

As just about everyone knows, lemons and limes, just like all citrus fruits, contain a massive amount of vitamin C. When ingested, these fruits will refresh you, cool you down, suppress your appetite in entirely safe and natural ways, as well as give your immune system an all-natural boost of energy. When used as skin herbal remedies, freshly squeezed lemon-based juices are great for locally treating acne, as well as for lightening dark spots on the skin. Incidentally, you can also obtain similar effects from applying organic yogurt, from grass-fed animals, to your skin. If you’re vegan or would rather not use yogurt for some other reason, you can trust lemon juice to do the job, while also lending a fresh glow to your face. Simply wash your whole face and neck with it and leave it to work its magic on your skin for at least ten minutes. You’ll be amazed at how bright and refreshed your skin will look and feel.

Aloe vera

The health benefits of aloe vera have been touted to a great extent, but for some this herbal remedy remains controversial. In a recent Huffington Post article regarding the best skin herbal remedies around, however, Dr. Doris Day, Manhattan dermatologist and NYU clinical assistant professor of dermatology chipped in with her take on the matter, thus helping dispel the hoax rumors about this plant. Aloe vera can soften and moisturize the skin, help speed up the process of wound healing, and can even alleviate pains when applied topically. Some studies have even documented the plant’s abilities to cure psoriasis.

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