5 Common Skin Problems for the Aging

by Paul on December 9, 2013

skin-problems-for-the-agingHow to prevent skin problems for the aging

Skin problems for the aging have a wide range of preemptive solutions, depending on their nature. Skin tags, for instance, can be removed with the aid of home remedies such as TagAway, an all-natural topical formula sold over the counter. Most issues, however, stem from an improperly balanced diet. As such, the best way to work against them is to make sure one includes plenty of whole foods, water, and exercise into one’s lifestyle. It’s also not a bad idea to use sunscreen, be it summer or winter – in the long run, your skin will be thanking you for it.


Nobody likes them, but the truth is, sooner or later, most everyone is faced with the perspective of wrinkles. There are plenty of creams, lotions, gels, and surgical procedures that promise to alleviate the signs of the passage of time. You can opt for botox, fillers, or more ‘natural’ remedies against wrinkles. However, the truth is that aging skin is less flexible skin. As such, completely doing away with wrinkles is an understandable, yet unlikely desideratum. A proper diet and good levels of hydration on a daily basis can, however, slow down the apparition of wrinkles.

Dry skin

Flaking, dry, itchy and sore skin is yet another unavoidable reality of the aging process and one of the most common skin problems of the aging. The difference in skin makeup between someone young and an aging person is that the former have active oil glands, which help maintain the smoothness, softness, and elasticity of the skin. With age, skin tends to dry up as those glands slow down their production of oils. The most unfortunate aspect of dry skin is that it tends to lead to other issues; to boot, it can also be indicative of other physiological problems, such as kidney issues, liver issues, or, more rarely, diabetes.

Age spots

One of the myths related to aging is that a tired and/or overworked liver will produce so-called ‘liver spots’. However, the truth is that those brown-yellowish spots on one’s skin are caused by prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. They appear gradually with age, which is why the older one gets, the more age spots develop. They usually appear on the face, hands, and arms, since these are the areas on one’s body which get the most intense exposure to sunlight. In order to slow down their apparition, it’s a good idea to always wear sunscreen when out in the sun.

Skin tags

Skin tags are also one of the common skin problems for the aging, since their apparition is determined by changes in the activity of various glands. Those responsible for maintaining the elasticity of the skin, as well as its moisture, tend to slow down with the advent of old age, which makes it only natural for skin tags to appear, as dry skin is especially conducive for their emergence. Skin tags are also caused by patches of dry skin rubbing together, which tends to happen with the elderly, due to their lack of movement.

Pressure ulcers

Pressure ulcers, or bedsores as they are commonly called, develop from sitting in a chair or lying down in bed for long periods of time. In a day and age when many work desk jobs and spend some 8 hours per day stuck in the same chair, bedsores are a common presence even in younger people. With age, as people also lose their mobility, they become almost impossible to avoid. The skin becomes ulcerated due to this lack of mobility, which also brings along decreased sensitivity of the skin and poor blood flow to the affected areas.


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