Skin Tags Easy Removal Tips

by justinne on January 21, 2013

Skin tags are small, benign flaps of tissue that hangs off of the skin connected by a stalk. Skin tags are not harmful and generally painless. They do not grow or change in anyway with time. They are usually flesh colored or have a light brown hue. They can be smooth or rough in texture. Skin tags usually are found in places on the body where friction occurs or clothes rub. These areas can contain the underarm, groin, neck, under the breast area, upper chest, back, and eyelids.

skin-tagWho can Develop Skin Tags?

Skin tags are very common and can develop usually over the age of 40. Skin tags are often found in women, but can also affect men, those who are overweight, and those who are elderly. Often times, skin tags are hereditary. And pregnant women and people who have diabetes are more susceptible to developing skin tags.

What are Some Ways to Remove Skin Tags?

There are numerous ways to get rid of skin tags. A trip to the dermatologist is one option, but frequent trips may be unnecessary. Small skin tags can be safely removed at home with a product like Tag Away. A skin tag, once removed, will never grow in the same spot again. It’s important to know what skin tags look like and to make sure that is what is being removed. Once the skin tag has been identified, decide what method of removal will be taken.

  • skin-tag-on-neckCutting the Skin Tag Off:

First, sterilize the scissors or nail clippers with rubbing alcohol. Allow the scissors or nail clippers to completely dry before using them. Take a piece of dental floss or string and tie it tightly around the skin tag’s base. Take the scissors or nail clippers and snip off the skin tag just above where the string was tied. Once it has been removed, put an anti-septic treatment on the area until it is completely healed.

  • Freezing the Skin Tag Off:

There are many over-the-counter products available at the local pharmacy for freezing skin tags to get rid of them. Contained in the freezing kit will be a shield and liquid nitrogen. The shield is placed over the skin tag tightly and the liquid nitrogen is applied to the skin tag to freeze it and remove it.

  • Apply an Oil to the Skin Tag:

Apply tea tree oil or vitamin E oil to the skin tag. Cover the area with a band-aid, which will kill off the blood supply to the skin tag and it will fall off with in a day or two.

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