How Skincare Can Prevent Problems, Aging and Skin Tags

by Paul on November 1, 2013

aging-and-skin-tagsOnce you’re past the ripe age of thirty, there isn’t much joy in celebrating one’s birthday in contemporary society. Issues just keep on cropping up one after the other, it seems and skin conditions are just one of the many problems. However, recent research released by experts from the University of Alabama (UAB) at Birmingham indicates that the aging of the skin can be prevented by employing a few simple strategies. Today’s post focuses on reducing light exposure to minimize the effect of aging and skin tags, as a by-product of the same process of aging.

Photoaging can be slowed down

According to the director of UAB’s Cosmetic Dermatology program, the aging process of human skin is sped up by massive exposure to UVAs and UVBs. However, the process is further complicated by incidental and brief exposures, which can also produce wrinkles, sun spots, and lesions that lead to the apparition of cancer. The essential solution is, of course, wearing sunscreen and the experts recommend that people wear 30-plus SPF containing zinc oxide on a daily basis. However, not all is lost even if the aging process has been initiated and the sun has done some damage. In such situations, the go-to solution comes under the form of OTC purchased retinol creams. Retinol is a substance derived from vitamin A, which can significantly reduce the risk of cancer. In terms of esthetic appearance, retinol can also help with spots or discolored skin patches, while also improving collagen levels and thus reducing wrinkles. The specialists also note than eliminating the effects of UVA and UVB exposure can be achieved through numerous non-invasive, non-surgical means. One such method is fraxel laser resurfacing – but it’s not the only one. Both skin tightening and injection procedures can restore the elasticity of the skin and reduce wrinkles, while there is also a clear connection between aging and skin tags which can be attenuated.

But perhaps the most surprising and interesting discovery made by the UAB researchers is that combatting the effects of photoaging also comes with some added benefits, that have to do with other things except for cosmetics. Surveys of people who have had filler injections reported that their self-esteem also benefitted from such interventions. According to self-reporting, these individuals experienced creating better first impressions in their peers, as well as an improvement in their overall sense of self and more happiness with their lives. The accounts have been confirmed by psychologists, who, at the same time, have also expressed criticism over harboring unrealistic expectations regarding the link between aging and appearance. As is the case with aging and skin tags, people have to keep the notion of youth in perspective, lest it becomes detrimental to their self-esteem.

Aging and skin tags: is there a link?

As medical research has revealed, there is a clear connection between the process of aging and skin tags, in the sense that this skin condition tends to manifest itself more aggressively past middle-age. That’s largely because the older people get, the drier their skin becomes. Dry patches of skin that are exposed to friction are more likely to turn into skin tags in time. Luckily, though, modern science, together with the wisdom of yore, can help do away with skin tags. Tag Away, a homeopathic remedy, eliminates skin tags in a wholly non-invasive way, unlike traditional or laser surgery. While the latter can even put one at risk of scarring, this topical formula is based on natural ingredients, with no side effects, which can be safely used at home. Of course, treatment does take a longer time, but perhaps the effort is worth it, given the benefits of safety, cost, and ease of use.

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