The 4 Essential Skincare Products for Men Past 30

by Paul on November 4, 2013

skincare-products-for-men-past-30As we mentioned in an earlier post, a lot of things change once you’ve turned thirty and skincare is one of them. This, of course, does not only apply to women and that’s why today we’ll be focusing on the most important skincare products for men past 30. It’s important to take care of your skin at any age, but once youth has officially ran its course, men have got to understand that they have plenty of options at their disposal to take care of their skin the proper way. This way, they can help slow down aging, attenuate its effects and maintain a youthful, charming appearance for far longer than they may have thought.

1. Moisturizer

Though this might not be on every guy’s shopping list, the experts are saying they should be among the top skincare products for men past 30. That’s because, no matter how hydrating your soap or cleanser, there is really no such as skin that’s too well moisturized. Of course, depending on your type of skin, you can opt for a heavy cream, a lighter lotion, or a very light toner or gel. Men past 30 with typically oily skin, who are prone to bouts of acne, should probably opt for a moisturizer formula with salicylic acid that will help unclog their pores.

2. Soap/Cleanser

Few skincare products for men past 30 are more important than one’s soap or cleanser. First off, it’s very important to determine whether you should use a soap bar or a liquid cleanser, as this has to do with the type of skin one has. Men older than 30 should not opt for soap bars unless their skin is naturally on the oily side – and even for them, moisturizing soaps such as those that contain glycerin are recommended. Those with dry or normal skin are best off using a cleanser in liquid form, since most types of soap will just dry their skin further, thus enabling the apparition of wrinkles earlier than they are due. Deep cleansing product with salicylic acid can also help combat acne, which, contrary to popular belief, can affect you even when you are past 30.

3. Skin tag remover

It’s a known fact that skin tags tend to emerge as middle age approaches. They affect a large part of the population and are caused by a combination of factors, which includes hormonal changes, as well as dry skin. It’s also important to note that they emerge in men just as often as they do in women, so men should also be aware of how skin tags can be countered.  Perhaps the safest and least invasive method is a topical, natural formula, based on plant extracts called Tag Away. The product can be used at home safely and will yield results in time, if used properly.

4. Skincare products for men past 30 with SPF

Note that the above category includes more than just sunscreen. These days, you can find OTC creams and moisturizers that contain 30+ SPF, which are highly recommended if you’re a guy past the 30 year-old mark. Exposure to UVAs will only speed up the aging process, dry your skin, and even cause the apparition of skin lesions caused by sun rays. These, in turn, can lead to skin cancer – and, at the very least, will cause you to look far older than your actual age. Luckily, SPF and retinol together can ward off unwanted exposure to sunlight and help keep you looking young for the long term. Be aware of the fact that not all retinol- and antioxidant-based products will produce visible effects for your skin, so always opt for high quality products.

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