Tag Away, How Does it Work?

by justinne on February 10, 2013

Millions of people all over the world will develop skin tags at some point in their lives. Tag Away is a non-invasive, topical solution for treating pesky, unsightly skin tags. In order to understand how Tag Away works, one must first have a little background on what a skin tag actually is.

tag-away-how-does-it-workSkin tags are little growths of skin that usually appear in places where skin rubs together on the body such as; in armpits, or on the chest area, eyelids, neck and groin. However, skin tags can occur anywhere on the skin and should not be confused with moles or other growths. Skin tags are usually flesh colored or light brown and develop a stem or stalk that causes them to grow out from the body. Skin tags are not lesions and a single skin tag will not spread to encompass a large area. These symptoms usually indicate other skin conditions. However, multiple skin tags can occur in one area of the body.

Skin tags usually show up around middle age, although they can appear on the skin at any age. There are also some factors that seem to make people more susceptible to growing them such as, obesity, pregnancy, or genetics, however, skin tags seem to affect both men and women equally and occur in all types of skin. Having overly dry or oily skin does not seem to be a factor in determining risk for developing skin tags.


There are many ways to treat skin tags but most have some kind of unpleasant side affect. Over the counter treatments available in drug stores typically use chemicals that freeze the tags, cutting off the blood supply and causing the growth to fall off. This type of treatment, while effective, can cause damage to surrounding skin if not applied correctly and scarring can occur. Other types of treatment involve laser removal or removal with a scalpel by a dermatologist. This method, while also effective, can be costly, cause bleeding and be painful.

Tag Away is a topical solution that uses natural ingredients to dry the extra skin causing it to fall off naturally over time. Tag Away contains the homeopathic ingredient Thuja Occidentalis, which is an evergreen tree extract that has been used in healing for centuries. The all natural ingredient in Tag Away is safe to use on all skin-types for the painless, natural treatment of skin tags.

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