Tag Away Review

by justinne on August 12, 2012

While it’s true that looks aren’t everything, most of us are probably concerned about looking our best whenever possible. That’s why skin tags are such a problematic beauty issue. Having them removed by a dermatologist can be pricey, and other solutions are painful. A new product called Tag Away  claims to be a natural, pain free answer to your skin tag woes, but how well does it work?

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tag awayPros:

  • Uses natural plant extracts
  • Treatment is pain free
  • Doesn’t leave a scar
  • Easy to apply
  • Cheaper than most other treatments


  • Takes time to work
  • Only works on skin tags

What is Tag Away?

Tag Away is a topical treatment for skin tags that is made from plant extracts. Unlike other treatments, this all-natural product doesn’t rely on chemicals to remove skin tags. The extracts used include Thuja Occidentalis which dries the skin tag slowly causing it to eventually fall away. Using the product a few times a day, most skin tags will fall off in three to eight weeks. Each application is pain-free, and no scarring will occur after the tag has been removed.

Each order of Tag Away includes one bottle good for up to 60 applications. Using multiple applications per day, this is enough to treat one skin tag for about a month. In order to remove a skin tag, the user simply applies a bit of the solution to a cotton swab and rubs it over the affected skin. This should be continued until the tag falls off. Every order also includes a 30-day money back guarantee, ensuring that if the product does not remove a skin tag, the unused portion can be returned for a refund.

Features and Benefits

The most apparent benefit of using Tag Away is that it can remove unwanted skin tags simply and cheaply. While other topical remedies for skin tags do exist, most of them are extremely costly. The other option is surgery performed by a dermatologist, which is even more expensive and far more involved than using a topical treatment. By using this product, users can be rid of their ugly skin tags permanently without it having a major impact on their bank account. And since the product is guaranteed to work, customers are sure to save some money that would otherwise be wasted on trying out other unproven treatments.

Another area in which Tag Away is different from its competitors is that it is all-natural. Whereas other products use chemicals to remove skin tags, this product relies solely on natural plant extracts. Specifically the product uses a form of Thuja Occidentalis extract to dry and remove the skin tag. This plant oil has been shown to greatly aid in the removal of skin growths, making it a natural choice for a skin tag removal product such as this. While the chemicals used in other products aren’t necessarily dangerous or bad, it is still reassuring to know that the product you are using doesn’t rely on unnatural components.

Take Advantage of the Tag Away Buy One Get One Free Online Deal

Lastly, the pain-free aspect of this product is another area that makes it a popular choice over other skin tag removal products. There isn’t any painful freezing, burning or surgery needed to remove skin tags, simply a quick and easy dab of the Tag Away solution. It’s even safe to use on skin tags in the more sensitive areas of the human body. Being free from pain is important, and since the product doesn’t leave any scars either, it isn’t any wonder why a consumer would choose this product over the more invasive alternatives.

Issues and Concerns

Tag Away works and it works well, but it isn’t free from a few small criticisms. One small issue with the product is that it does take time to work completely. The amount of time it takes varies depending on the size of the skin tag, but users should expect to wait up to a couple of months for a skin tag to fall off. This is a small complaint though when you consider the fact that this is still a far superior alternative to painful surgery.

Another aspect of the product that should be pointed out is that it only works on skin tags and not any other abnormal skin growths. This isn’t really a problem, however, since they make this fact clear when you order.

Sales and Deals

If you’re looking for a good price on Tag Away, you’re in luck. Not only is already fairly decently priced, but the official site for the product has been offering some nice deals recently.

tag away review

Currently they are offering a buy one, get one free deal that provides customers with twice as much product for the price of one bottle. This is especially convenient for buyers who may have more than one skin tag in need of removal. Their offers can change periodically, however, so be sure to buy quickly if a certain deal is particularly appealing to you.


Overall, Tag Away is a very good topical treatment for getting rid of skin tags. You may have to wait a few weeks for complete removal, but that wait is definitely worth it when you consider the amount of money you’re saving compared to the other treatment options available. The fact that the product is all-natural is sure to be a welcome bonus to some people, but one of the real shining aspects of product is that it is totally pain free.

The generally painful nature of skin tag removal is sure to be the main concern for many of those that have been avoiding having their tags removed, so this development is definitely good news for customers everywhere. While Tag Away isn’t necessarily revolutionary, it’s still definitely a good product and a great buy.

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