Tag Away Skin Tag Remover Customer Reviews

by justinne on February 7, 2013

Skin tags are annoying outcroppings on the skin that are not a sign of serious problems. Although the skin tags are not a sign of health problems or serious concerns, it can feel uncomfortable to reveal that area of skin. Before using Tag Away to clear up the problem, it is important to read the customer reviews to determine if it is an appropriate product for an individual skin type.

Positive Reviews

tag-away-skin-tag-removerTag Away has several reviews available by customers who are using or have used the product. Although the information varies based on the individual and their results, many positive reviews are available to help determine the effectiveness of the product.

In many cases, Tag Away has positive reviews that suggest the skin tag remover can help dry out and cause the tags to fall off in a similar manner as freezing the tags at the doctor’s office. Reviews often discuss the benefits, but point out that it can take time for the skin tags to dry out completely due to the differences in skin type and the location of the tag.

In many cases, positive reviews suggest that Tag Away shows results after three to eight weeks, depending on the particular individual, the location of the skin tags and the reaction of skin to the product.

Negative Reviews

Although most of the reviews are positive and suggest the product is effective, some negative points are noticed by customers. The most common negative reviews relate to the smell of Tag Away. Since the product uses essential oils, it can seem to have an overpoweringly strong smell to some individuals.


The other common complaint in reviews relates to the money-back guarantee. Although the company does offer a guarantee, it only allows 30 days to return the product. Since it can take longer for the product to work in some situations, the guarantee can seem too short if results are not immediately noticed.

In most cases, the negative reviews are limited and the details are not related to the products effectiveness. The complaints are typically minor and most individuals will find that the product does work when it is used as directed.

Skin tags are annoying over-growths that are not usually a concern to health. Although it is possible to remove the skin tags with Tag Away, consumers should always watch for discoloration or bleeding to ensure medical professionals are informed of over growths that are not skin tags.

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vartan July 29, 2013 at 7:14 pm

i just got 2 bottles of tag away , question , can tag away be used on the face or around the eyes ? also when you apply tag away on the effected area is it okay if it gets on the surrounding skin as well ? will it do any harm to the skin that’s not effected?


NoNameGiven October 11, 2013 at 1:48 am

It says on package don’t use around eyes. I don’t think it will cause any harm about the skin that’s not affected. However, I think the product has a very bad scent! I rather smell like skunk or garlic! But will use anyway. if it doesn’t work guess I will go to a dr. I am unsure that I have tags, as like pictures I have seen. I’ll see hopefully.


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