Take Care of Your Scalp’s Skin Too

by Paul on April 4, 2014

head-massageWhen people think about skin care, they often think about all kinds of areas of their body to take care of, except the skin of their scalp. Unfortunately, this is the most neglected skin areas because most people just worry about their hair care and only start thinking about their scalp when hair loss starts setting in. But hair loss usually appears when the scalp’s skin is not properly nourished and oxygenated, so if you pay more attention to your scalp, your whole well-being will benefit from it.

Your Scalp’s Basic Characteristics

The skin on your scalp is a bit different from the general skin on your body, having some perks of its own. For once, it’s more porous and open to absorb all kinds of substances which are used on it, because through those pores hairs are popping out and continuously growing. This porousness means the scalp is more vulnerable to harmful substances, like a lot of hair dyes which people apply on this area. Also, because it’s so permissive, the scalp is also somewhat of a gateway into the bloodstream and general body health, so if you allow bacteria or fungi infections to take root here, they may affect your whole body, making you weaker. To prevent these issues, consult a dermatologist and try to take care of your scalp.

Second of all, the scalp is more prone to dryness – thus dandruff forms – but also tries to compensate for this dryness by producing a lot of sebum (that makes your hair oily and lacking volume). This dual vulnerability poses the danger to create a vicious circle, in which the scalp is drier and drier and oilier and oiler at the same time.

Another characteristic of this delicate skin area is actually more of a consequence of the lack of care it usually receives. Because the scalp may also develop moles, just like the skin on one’s body, and because it gets exposed to sunlight a lot, it’s prone to develop malignant growths or melanomas, because no one thinks about using sunscreen on this area.

Take Care of Your Scalp

Start taking care of your scalp from the inside first. To prevent hair loss and improve the micro circulation at the scalp level, consider taking some zinc supplements. Such a supplement will help with a few skin issues as well, especially acne or eczemas. Besides zinc, adding more calcium, magnesium and iron to your diet, either by supplements or just through better food choices, can help improve your scalp’s health as well.

Another very important and potentially dangerous issue you should consider is your scalp’s vulnerability to sunlight. The skin on your head is usually more naturally vulnerable to UV light because it’s meant to be covered by hair, but this natural coverage doesn’t always work as well as it should. Add to that the fact that if you walk through direct sunlight your head’s skin will be the most exposed, and the fact that when we apply sunscreen we think of protecting almost every area but our scalp, and you have the recipe for potential disaster. To prevent melanomas, make sure you either use a solar protection spray on your scalp during the warm season, or wear some head protection clothing, like a pretty-colored sun hat. If your hair is shorter, consider yourself even more exposed to this danger.

You can also try out some do-it-yourself recipes of intensive scalp treats in the comfort of your own home. For example, applying cider vinegar mixed with a bit of water on your scalp after washing, before the final rinsing, can help prevent a large range of issues, from dandruff and hair loss to excessive oil and so on. Your hair will benefit from this treat as well, becoming softer, shinier and with more volume. Make sure you use the best apple cider vinegar you can find, preferably from a certified organic source.

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