The Different Skin Tags Causes

by justinne on January 22, 2013


If you’ve ever been alarmed by a small growth that seemingly hangs off your body like a tick, don’t be alarmed. It may not be the most attractive thing in the world, but it’s likely just a benign skin tag. A skin tag is technically a benign tumor, and while most are very small, in rare cases they’ve been known to grow quite large, even to the point of bursting.

They should never be cause for alarm unless you notice any strange changes. If the color, shape or size of your skin tag is changing, or you notice any bleeding, swelling or scabbing, it’s advised to check with your doctor who may recommend a biopsy. However, a skin tag may also become clotted and turn a dark purple or black before it falls off. This is quite harmless.

Skin tags are commonly developed during and after middle age, but some people get them during childhood or even infancy. Skin tags are composed of dermal tissue, blood vessels and collagen, and are caused by an excess of this material being trapped in an area of skin. Skin tags are thought to form when the skin rubs together in creases. This is why an overweight person is more likely to develop skin tags since there are more areas that have folds. Pregnant women are also more likely to develop skin tags, because the increase of hormones will create an imbalance in the skin.

Common areas to develop skin tags include the arm pits, npink-skin-tageck, elbow creases and genital area. Skin tags are very common; well over half of the population has developed them at some point in life. So don’t think you are alone in the world of skin tags. While harmless, they can become an irritating nuisance if you’re prone to them. Genetics play a hand in the prevalence of skin tags, and it’s possible to suddenly sprout bursts of them that reach the dozens.

When this happens, you may be eager to find a cure. There are several topical remedies on the market than can be applied to skin tags in order to remove them. Skin tags can also be medically burned or frozen off. If you’re feeling particularly gutsy, you can also consider cutting them off with scissors, or even pinching them off with dental floss. Most people say that removing their own skin tags was a painless venture, with minimal bleeding as a result.

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