5 Tips to Properly Care for Your Neck and Cleavage

by Paul on February 3, 2014

Women are usually very concerned when it comes to taking care of their face skin, using cosmetic products and natural home – made remedies in order to keep their skin clean and healthy, luminous and free of any age or exhaustion signs. However, beauty experts and even doctors agree that skin care shouldn’t stop with the face, but continue with the neck and cleavage. What can be more beautiful and admirable to a woman than a gorgeous looking neck and cleavage, clean, healthy, toned, with perfect skin, free of wrinkles, spots, skin tags or friction signs? Women’s necks are also exposed to the sun rays, being vulnerable to external factors. Experts consider that

the neck is practically devoid of supporting bone, and there are few sebaceous glands to provide natural oils; in addition, the relative lack of collagen causes skin to lose elasticity and become dehydrated very easily.

This is why we will see five tips to properly care for your neck and cleavage, looking at both cosmetic procedures, daily care and home – made remedies you can easily employ.

1. Daily make – up remover

Just as you eliminate any traces of make-up from your face at the end of the day, you should also treat your neck and cleavage with the same deference. Using a mild product that doesn’t irritate the skin but which gives it firmness and health is the wise approach.

2. Neck and cleavage massage

tips for properly caring for your neck and cleavageBeauty experts consider that these sensible areas need massage sessions at least 2 – 3 times a week. The skin needs to be clean and healthy and you can use essential oils to prevent any aging signs, wrinkles ready to show and so on. If you happen to observe skin tags in the area, use skin tag removals before proceeding to massage, but this practice, if done regularly, will lead to visible and positive results. Avocado oil and even olive oil will do the trick.

3. Lift and boost your neck and cleavage skin with home – made masks

In this area, there are a lot of useful tips to properly care for your neck and cleavage. You can prepare an anti – wrinkle mask from a fruit blend containing apples and melon, or blends of natural bio teas, like chamomile, mint and green tea. You can either mildly wash the areas with these teas or turn them into ice cubes and use them for massage. Green tea in particular has a cleaning, toning effect not only for the face and dark circles around your eyes, but for the neck skin and cleavage too.

4. Protect your neck and cleavage from frictions and irritations

Beauty specialists recommend women to be very careful when wearing blouses or scarves that can irritate the skin. Rough textiles, wool, clothes that can produce scratches or rushes, these should be avoided. Besides the apparition of skin tags, the area has little means of protecting itself from direct damaging contacts with the clothes and the efforts of keeping it clean and healthy will double.

5. Exfoliation and hydration

Just as you treat your face skin, so should you care for your neck and cleavage. Mild exfoliation with natural products or home – made remedies are the way to go and you can prepare a scrubbing cream out of strawberries, olive oil and honey. You can trust Vitamins A and E and add a few drops of each to any natural mask or blend you make at home. Always keep your neck and cleavage skin hydrated with either special serums or home made products and make sure that you introduce all these practices in your daily routine.

Among other tips to properly care for your neck and cleavage the alternate hot / cold showers is in the top preferences of beauty experts, together with using sunscreen and regular caring procedures in the comfort of your home. All these tips should be employed on the daily basis. Last but not least, if you observe any signs on the skin that concern you, such as skin tags, rashes, spots you can’t identify, seek professional advice.

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