That Healthy Glow: Tips and Tricks for Autumn Skin Care

by Paul on October 28, 2013


If you care in the least bit about the way your skin looks, then you probably already know that autumn, i.e. the first half of the cold season, spells trouble, to a certain extent. This, of course, doesn’t mean all is lost – with a few simple and handy tips and tricks for autumn skin care, you can totally sail through the cold, windy, and rainy days of autumn without a care. The most important aspect of them all, when it comes to skincare in fall is to keep hydrated, as dehydration is the root cause of many a skin issue, not the least of which are skin tags. Skin tags may emerge when two dehydrated pieces of skin tissue rub against one another. Getting rid of skin tags can also be complicated (luckily, we now have homeopathic remedies you can use at home, such as Tag Away). So, as you can well see, it’s always better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to skin care. Without further ado, let’s take a look at our cursory list of skincare tips and tricks for autumn.

Proper moisture is the cornerstone of autumn skin care

Since cold weather tends to render skin flaky, rough, dry, and a greyish pale, the best way to address these issues is by making sure that you are getting enough hydration for your body in general, but also for your skin in particular. Here are a few simple steps you can apply to your skin:

  1. Cleansing. Replace your summer cleansing lotion with one that also includes a moisturizing factor for autumn skin care. This way, you will make sure your pores aren’t clogged, while also keeping your skin well-nourished with the proper level of hydration.
  2. Toning. The ingredient list is particularly important for the type of skin toning lotion you use during the fall, but it’s best that you keep it in mind for all your skincare products. Avoid products that use heavy metals such as fluorine, which can cause an imbalance in your pH level by throwing the acid level off kilter. Opt for a mildly acidic lotion for best results.
  3. Exfoliation. The most important aspect regarding exfoliation, in what autumn skin care is concerned, is not to overdo it. Be gentle, remove the layer of dead cells that accumulated over the summer, try not to irritate your skin excessively, but do ‘activate’ it, so that it’s better prepared to take in all the nutrients it needs.
  4. Hydration. Switch to a richer moisturizing cream, especially for the night-time. You don’t necessarily have to use oil-based products, since they tend to create unnecessary build-ups at the surface of the skin and clog the pores. But a rich, emollient aqua-based moisturizer is a good idea for autumn skin care.

All the above measures are great for external treatment that will ensure you’re getting the best autumn skin care possible. However, for truly luminous autumn skin, you also need to understand that what goes inside your body makes a huge difference. Here are our top tips:

–          Drink even more water than during summer, for perfect autumn skin care. Eight glasses per day will flush the toxins out your body and help your metabolism stay on kilter.

–          Pump up your intake of vitamins and minerals that are good for your beauty routine. Vitamins C, E, and A can work wonders, as can Omega-3 fatty acids and other antioxidants. Not to mention you’ll be enriching the variety of your menu. If you’re stumped for ideas on what to eat, you should definitely consider apples, avocados, persimmons, quinces, kiwi, pumpkin, cranberries, garlic – and loads more!

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