7 Great Ways to Use Tea Tree Oil

by Paul on November 22, 2013

ways-to-use-tea-tree-oil1There are numerous ways to use tea tree oil – either for cosmetic or hygienic and health-related purposes. In the following, we explore seven alternative uses for the main active ingredient in Tag Away, a homeopathic remedy against skin tags. If you’ve tried using these oils in other ways and found success, don’t forget to tell us all about it in the comment section!

1. For eliminating cuticles

Several beauticians have caught onto the fact that one of the best ways to use tea tree oil is for cuticle removal. Since this oil is naturally rich and helps soften dry, cracked skin, it’s perfect to use in combination with lavender oil, as a formula for removing cuticles. You can also mix tea tree oil with olive oil, avocado oil, or jojoba oil, for the same purposes and with the same great results. The best part is that tea tree oil also helps ward off fungus, an issue to which the cuticle area is particularly sensitive. If you use it with lavender oil, you will also benefit from the former’s healing properties.

2. Against toenail fungus

The antiseptic properties of tea tree oils have also been proven to work against toenail fungus. The research was carried out on subjects who applied 100 per cent tea tree oils on the affected area for three months, once or twice per day. They were compared with another group, which used antifungal creams sold with a prescription. Both groups posted a 60 per cent success rate in removing fungus around their toe nails.

3. For removing makeup

If you have it at home and have been wondering about ways to use tea tree oil, you might be happy to learn that you can produce your very own, natural makeup removal solution with it. Simply mix a quarter cup of canola oil with ten drops of tea tree oil, pour it in a sterilized jug, and shake it vigorously. Just make sure to store it in a cool, dry place, and use it as you would any commercial brand of makeup remover.

4. As an acne remover

One of the very best ways to use tea tree oil is to do away with zits, spots, pimples, and all the other issues that acne causes. Sure, you could head on down to the drug store and buy some benzoyl peroxide, which is the number one synthetic component of the best acne remedies sold over the counter. However, Australian researchers claim that a 5 per cent formula containing tea tree oil is just as effective in doing away with acne.

5. To calm sore spots

If you have sores on your skin, either because of physical injuries, rashes, or other causes, you know that they cause a burning sensation, which can be rather difficult to deal with or eliminate. Tea tree oil is a gentle antiseptic, which will help calm down the skin, without exposing it to further inflammation. It should not be used on sores around the eyes or mouth, however, as these are highly sensitive areas that should not come into contact with any kinds of natural oils.

6. Skin tag removal is one of the best ways to use tea tree oil

Although many people are forced to deal with skin tags, which cause nuisance, embarrassment, and even anxiety or depression, not many of them know there’s a safe, natural way to remove them. Oftentimes they will believe surgery is the only way to go about it. However, there is now a homeopathic remedy, a Thuja Occidentalis formula, which has also been known to work against skin tags. It’s called Tag Away, its main ingredient is tea tree oil, and it can be safely used at home by anyone.ways-to-use-tea-tree-oil2

7. For pleasantly smelling feet

The issue of foot odor is embarrassing to address, but can certainly be remedied and/or improved, with the help of tea tree oils. If your feet smell or sweat, simply blend tea tree oils with rosemary, sage, and ginger. This blend of ingredients will improve circulation, while discouraging sweatiness. To boot, they will also leave your feet clean, and feeling fresher than ever. Mix in with water, baking soda, and Epsom salts, and take a pleasant foot bath every day.

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