What is the Active Ingredient in Tag Away?

by justinne on February 4, 2013

Tag Away is a product that was designed to remove skin tags without the expense of going to a medical professional. Although it is effective against skin tags and has many positive reviews, consumers should always understand the ingredients that are used to avoid accidental allergic reactions or similar problems from developing.

Main Active Ingredient

thuja-occidentalis-plantThe main ingredient that is found in Tag Away is a plant essential oil called Thuja Occidentalis. The oil is a naturally occurring plant product that has been used for skin conditions in holistic and natural medicines for many generations.

Although the ingredient is primarily used for skin-related ailments, homeopathic medicine will also use the essential oil for other medical conditions. It is used for stress reduction, anxiety management, improving digestive health and improving the strength of the immune system.

Since the essential oil is useful for many areas of human health, it is usually safe to put on the skin. It is mild oil that rarely has allergic skin reactions.

Other Essential Oils

cedar-leafAlthough Tag Away primarily uses Thuja Occidentalis for skin health, it also contains other essential oils that help improve the results and keep the skin in good health. The other active ingredients that are found in the product include Cedar Leaf Oil, Melaleuca Oil and Ricinus Communis Seed Oil. All of the oils are essential oils that have limited effects on the skin.

Skin Warning

Although the essential oils in Tag Away are mild and have limited effects on the skin, it can cause irritation in some individuals. Before using the product regularly, it is important to use a skin test to ensure the oils will not cause skin problems or allergic reactions.

Sensitive skin is the most likely type of skin to have a negative reaction to the product. In most cases, the organic essential oils will not cause irritation or allergies because it is primarily made with organic oils that do not have harsh side effects. Most individuals will not face complications with the active ingredient in Tag Away because it is good for the health of the skin.

Tag Away is a mild homeopathic product that has organic essential oils as the active ingredients. Although it is effective against skin tags, the natural elements of the product mean that it will take longer than the chemical freezing of medical procedures. Fortunately, it is mild enough for most individuals to use without the expense of medical procedures.

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jeri April 24, 2013 at 3:15 pm

Can this be used on animals safely


jeri April 24, 2013 at 3:20 pm

Can this be used on animals is it safe enough


Dr. M. Ivons December 30, 2013 at 12:58 pm

Unless the active ingredient/s are potentized, they can not be called or sold as a “homeopathic” product. Just because they are “natural essential oils” does not mean that they are a homeopathic preparation. They are herbal extracts perhaps. Homeopathic is not the same as herbal at all.


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