5 Winter Skin Care Tips to Warm up to

by Paul on October 14, 2013

In theory, we all know that the (very) cold season is reason enough to start taking better care of our own skin, just as much as the (very) hot season. Where exposure to UV radiation is the main issue in summer, in winter time it’s all about keeping the skin appropriately moisturized, but also protected from very low temperatures and other weather phenomena. However, if you feel overwhelmed by all the things the beauty and pharmaceutical industry are telling you and simply need a couple of simple, basic winter skin care tips to live by, then follow the five pieces of advice listed below.

winter-skin-care-tips1. Moisture, moisture, moisture

There is no other one among winter skin care tips more valuable than the advice to moisturize. It’s important to bear in mind that a moisturizer which has proven effective in spring and summer might not necessarily be appropriate for the cold season, too. Opt for an oil-based cream, rather than a water-based one. Most night creams are oil-based and those that don’t clog your pores (i.e. are based on mineral oils, almond oil, or avocado oil, among others) might be the best options available over the counter.

2. Sunscreen should be included among winter skin care tips

You may think that summer is the only time of the year when you need sunscreen. However, if you think about it, it makes sense to also include it on the list of winter skin care tips. There are plenty of sunny (albeit cold) days in winter, too, and when the sun rays are reflected off the surface of the snow, they can genuinely damage your skin. Aside from your face, you should also keep your hands protected.

3. Look into dryness-related issues

Dry skin flakes, crusts, and produces skin tags. When they first emerge, these issues might strike you as minor and/or easy to deal with. They’re not severe, yet they should be promptly taken care of, before they develop into complications. Dry, crusty, or flakey patches of skin can quickly turn into open, sore wounds. As for skin tags, there’s no reason to ignore them, when homeopathic remedies such as Tag Away are now available for purchase only a single click away.

4. Take good care of your hands and feet

Those with poor peripheral circulation know how important the above is, among the rest of the winter skin care tips on our list. The skin on human hands is thinner, more prone to heavy usage, and as such more sensitive than the one on the rest of our body. That’s why it should be protected from the cold at all times, with gloves. Make sure your socks and gloves stay dry in winter, because when they go wet, they’re an open source of itchiness, dryness, cracking, or even eczemas. Some people are prone to developing irritations from the direct contact between wool and their skin, so make sure to layer your socks and/or gloves, if you know you fall under this category.

5. Stay moist indoors, too

In winter, most of us tend to crank up the heat, in order to keep warm and toasty indoors. However, the use of central heating systems also warrants some winter skin care tips for indoor purposes. Central heating basically dries up all the air inside an enclosed space, which, in turn, can lead to very dry skin. Make sure you invest in a good humidifier to counteract this effect of space heaters, or, at the very least, keep a few bowls of water on your heaters at all times, to have some humidity dispersed into the air.

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